Weddings are a big deal, but that also means they involve a lot of planning and coordinating. Trying to plan the perfect wedding by yourself may seem like a good idea until you realize you would like to enjoy your special day rather than manage it. Leave the logistics and organization to Global Events’ wedding planner in Dallas, TX, and spend time creating the wedding memories you’ll cherish forever.

Experienced Services

We have been in the wedding scene for over 30 years. We are a highly reputable full-service event and design management company.

We offer personalized wedding planning that fits your budget, style, and requirements. Everything from cultural traditions to unique entertainments are our forte, so we can truly provide you with the wedding you want at the price you want to pay. Give us a call at 214-361-4166 or fill out our contact form to see if we can accommodate your wedding specifics.

Extended Wedding Parties

In addition to the day of your wedding, it’s important to remember that these occasions often warrant several days of celebrations. Bridal showers, stag parties, wedding receptions, and private after-parties are all possible pre- and post-wedding events that need to be accounted for. Our wedding planner can make each and every part of your wedding extravaganza a smashing hit.

We plan the decorations, the venues, the entertainment, the food, and anything else your wedding events require. The only thing you’ll truly have to think about is having a good time.

Customized Planning

At Global Events, we incorporate your personality, vision, and dreams into the wedding you have always dreamed of! As a full-service event design and management team, we assist in making your wedding stylish, warm, and wonderful.

From the moment you begin getting ready to the last dance, we will be there to make sure the day runs flawlessly so you and your fiancé can enjoy each special moment.

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